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AJON APU OY, located in Nastola, southern Finland, is representing EPCON Evaporation Technology AS in Finland and the Baltic countries.

AJON APU OY has almost 40 years' experience on food technology and food industry, especially in milk powder production. The company was grounded in 1993 and has throughout its history been listed as one of the companies awarded with Asiakastieto's "Strongest of Finland" certificate. EPCON Evaporation Technology AS is located in Trondheim Norway and has specialized in energy efficient dewatering processes.

Their main product is energy efficient evaporators using mechanical vapour recompression, MVR. Other products are energy efficient distillation and dehydration units, flash coolers, industrial MVR heat pumps and superheated steam dryers.

The EPCON products are used in a wide range of applications within food industry, bio marine industry, metallurgical and mineral industry, chemical industry, bio fuel industry and within waste water treatment. Some typical applications are listed below:

EPCON Evaporation Technology's core competence is energy utilization in evaporation, distillation and drying processes for a number of applications and industries. Energy savings of 80-98% are normally achieved, within a very favorable investment pay-back time.

For more information contact Ajon Apu Oy / Simo Ajo +358 400 467 051

or visit the EPCON web page (in English)